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Children’s Glasses And Sunglasses

Wearing the correct glasses is essential for the eye health and everyday wellbeing for children doing any activity, from study to leisure. How do you choose the right pair?

It is important to know that there are different types of children’s glasses that are suitable for different needs: shockproof and hypoallergenic frames, ultra-lightweight materials or secure and durable ones that work throughout the day.

Once the degree of vision correction has been prescribed by the ophthalmologist, the Filottica team will help you choose the right eyewear for your needs. In some cases, the ophthalmologist will also provide frame recommendations, but generally children will be able to select the models they prefer from our wide range, and we will be able to offer clear advice where necessary.

Our brands

We offer a large selection of children’s glasses and sunglasses, including reliable, high-quality brands with important features for children’s eyewear. At our opticians, located in central Rome, you will find glasses from SWISSFLEX, RAYBAN, CEBE', BENETTON, NIKE VISION, CENTROSTYLE.

SWISSFLEX children’s glasses are particularly popular as they are hypoallergenic, shockproof and so comfortable you won’t even know you’re wearing them!

Tips for buying children’s glasses

  • Choose lens thickness in relation to the prescription given by the ophthalmologist. If the prescribed lenses are thick, it’s best to go with small lenses to reduce overall size and improve sight (less distortion of lateral vision).
  • Lenses must be shatterproof, made from lightweight and resistant material, safe and complete with UV protection
  • Choose frames that suit the face. To make them as comfortable as possible during activities, frames should not be too large or ornate or inappropriate for a child’s face.
  • Evaluate whether a plastic or metal frame is more suitable. Plastic frames are more functional but metal is an attractive option if your child wishes to look more grown up. For those with allergies to nickel, several frames constructed using hypoallergenic materials are available.
  • Wrap-around frames are also available to help keep children’s glasses in the correct position and prevent them from slipping. Another option is to use elastic bands, but they can be annoying if your child needs to put their glasses on and off multiple times a day. There are also spring-assisted frames with special hinges that allow the arms of the glasses to bend outwards without breaking
  • You will need to work with your child to understand the type of frame that will help them to enjoy wearing glasses. A few details might help encourage them to make a choice: colour and designs.

Glasses for children who play sports

Filottica carries glasses frames that are ideal for sports, with shatterproof lenses and safe opening to avoid risk in case of impact during play.

Sunglasses for children

In addition to traditional glasses, Filottica also offers sunglasses for children, in line with safety regulations, comfortable, trendy, and made from innovative materials. Sunglasses from the most renowned brands are ideal for protecting the little ones from sunlight and UV rays.

Services for children’s eyewear

  • Glasses repair - when lenses and frames break or get damaged, our store will fully repair them in a short time, with extreme care.
  • Optometry - our store offers you highly trained staff and state-of-the-art technology to carry out comprehensive eye tests.
  • Contact lens support - when children switch from glasses to contacts, our trained staff of contact lens experts and optometrists will support them and help them find the right solution for their needs.

Check your children’s eyes!

Recognising the possible symptoms of an eye defect early is crucial. In children, especially the very young, these can manifest in different ways such as frequently watering eyes or crossed eyes, or through behaviours that signal something unusual like shutting the eyes tightly in the presence of strong light, bringing objects nearer to look at them, being unable to grasp objects, keeping the head tilted while watching TV or drawing, suffering from frequent headaches.

In all of these cases, it’s important to investigate the situation with adequate eye tests. An eye and vision test can exclude or prove the presence of issues and dysfunctions.

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