La praticità del monouso. Ideali per chi vive giornate intense



The convenience of disposable. Ideal for those who experience intense days, daily contact lenses are perfect solutions for a clear and safe vision. The La Filottica eyewear store in Rome offers the best brands in the sector to offer its customers high quality items that can satisfy any need in terms of aesthetics and visual comfort.

The practicality of the disposable also allows the product to achieve flawless performance in a really easy way. Progressive and for astigmatism: choose the type that best suits your sight.

The disposable of the best brands at attractive prices

La Filottica is an authorized dealer of daily lenses certified for the safety of the eye and for the quality of sight during the 24 hours. The best brands, such as Johnson & Johnson and Alcon, are always available at the store, which offers the entire range of the two manufacturers with items to moisten and give comfort to the eye for the whole day. Daily lenses are sold at affordable prices. especially when compared with the costs of traditional items that last longer.

Solutions with fortnightly and monthly validity

Soft contact lenses, equipped with UV filter, valid for two weeks and one month proposed by La Filottica are designed for those who want to use the same item for a medium-length period of time. The staff of opticians and optometrists assists customers in choosing the most suitable products for the visual defect and the type of eye and always recommends specific solutions to sanitize and preserve the lenses.


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